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Karachi: 2 killed in Lyari gang war clash

Karachi: 2 killed in Lyari gang war clash

KARACHI, Mar 02 (NNI): At least two people were killed in a gun battle between two rival groups in Lyari while three people were killed in different incidents of firing in Karachi.

Two rival groups resorted to firing while hurled grenades at each other in Ali Muhammad area of Lyari, killing two people while injuring two others on Sunday.

Tension and fear gripped the area soon after the incident while residents were forced to stay at homes. Meanwhile, markets and business outlets were also reportedly closed.

As soon as the Rangers personnel reached the area, the assailants hurled grenades on the forces. The Rangers arrested three injured criminals after retaliating to their firing. Rocket launcher, SMG rifle, grenades, walky-talky and pistols were seized from the arrested.

Meanwhile, a body was found from Khuda Ki Basti in Surjani Town. Another limb-tied body was recovered from Madipur. According to police, the victim was shot dead.

In a separate incident, a person was gunned down in Madipur.

Karachi is home to multiple conflicts that frequently turn violent, including gang wars and ethnic and political rivalries. Militants are said to use the city as a hiding place and a source of funds obtained through bank heists, extortion and kidnapping for ransom. NNI



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