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Pakistan has tremendous mineral exploration opportunities

Pakistan has tremendous mineral exploration opportunities

ISLAMABAD, Nov 01 (NNI): Deputy Chairman Senate Sabir Ali Baloch, while addressing participants at “The Global Seminar on the role of Parliaments and Extractive Industries” in Vienna, Austria has said that Pakistan offers tremendous opportunities for mineral exploration and the extractive practitioners must come forward to invest in mining and mineral exploration sector as it will help generate employment opportunities and create a mutually beneficial environment.

“Pakistan is looking forward to extracting natural resources in cooperation with all stakeholders with ultimate aim of reducing poverty by sharing the benefits of revenues incurred from extractive sector” the Deputy Chairman remarked.

Senator Sabir Ali Baloch observed this dialogue on the role of parliament and Extractive Industries(EI) will help us in overcoming the challenges of corruption, underdevelopment and conflict caused by revenue from EI and instead the revenue so generated would alleviate poverty and promote shared prosperity.

He said that the seminar will help the MPs and multinational organizations to develop a correlation leading to maximum benefits for all.

He gave a detailed overview of the EIs situation in Pakistan and particularly mentioned the natural resources of Balochistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that Deputy Chairman is representing Pakistan in the seminar which was jointly organized by Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, World Bank Institute, IMF, UNDP and Revenue Watch Institution. NNI

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