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Russians impose ‘sanctions’: No vodka for Obama

Russians impose ‘sanctions’: No vodka for Obama

MOSCOW, Mar 29 (eP) –Russians have begun an Internet drive of tongue-in-cheek “sanctions” against President Barack Obama, observers reported.

Posting on website named (www.oursanctions.ru) the owner of a Photoshop studio said he would not serve Obama or any of his family, should Obama ever try to use his service.

Twitter users have started hash tag “My Sanctions” where they inhibited Obama from everything, items ranged from red caviar to Russian vodka.

A shopping centre in Moscow incorporated a ban on Obama and Congress members into an advertisement that highlights President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea.

The ironic tone of posts reflects the boldness expressed by Russian officials and businessmen punished by United States for Ukraine uprisings.

On Wednesday, the United States and European Union agreed to toil together to prepare possible even tougher economic sanctions on Russia, what believed to be imprudent.

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